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Frozen dupes

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Hello, just started a fresh new game with the patch, cycle 5 and 3 dupes, if i do not keep moving them they will froze in place doing some garbled animation for an errand and never complete the errand !

What i can do ?

Lucky Dreamland.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Just let them roll, picking up meat or muckroot, building stuff and all Got one stuck trying to pick up a piece of meat, one building a wall, one mining ... is random but so frequent in this patch seen it in 10 mins game 4 time !

User Feedback

Yeah, had 2 do this so far. 1 was stuck mining snow till i cancelled the mine amd redid it. And another stuck picking up a weezewort seed, after about 30 seconds of trying another dupe picked it up and ran off with it and he unstuck..

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Can confirm, this is also happening to me. Every morning 2 of my dups get stuck on their way to the shower and I have to use the move to command to get them going again.


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