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Freshness of new food is not taken into consideration when added to an existing stack

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I've noted that with Liceloaf stored in a Ration Box (or Critter Feeder), all of the Liceloaf is stored in one stack with the same freshness %. If I make a new Liceloaf with 100% freshness and it is put into a Storage Box containing ANY amount of Liceloaf at a different freshness %, the fresh Liceloaf will be set to whatever % of freshness of the already existing liceloaf.

This can lead to really dumb situations where a new 1 KG Liceloaf is reduced from 100% to 1% freshness because there is still 200g of Liceloaf at 1% freshness in the box. 

In the Refrigerator, Liceloaf is stored in 10 KG stacks (most likely to get around this issue) that all have the same freshness %. If we could at least get that functionality moved over to the Ration Box, it would be appreciated. I don't like spending energy on refrigerators until much later. 

Steps to Reproduce
Add a new Liceloaf to an existing stack of Liceloaf in the Ration Box (or critter feeder).

User Feedback

No only liseloaf. Any rottable food. Old "feature": food in storage separate on base temperature, not freshness. It cause make just now cooked food almost rotten if same food in ration storage already almost rotten.

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