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Freeze/Crash when clicking on Graphics menu

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Since the Expressive Upgrade and continuing in the Rocketry Upgrade, when I go into the Option menu and click on Graphics, the game freezes/stops responding and must be force closed. All of the other buttons in the Options menu open and close fine. The Graphics options menu does not open, it just freezes. If this makes a difference, I had been playing the game consistently in windowed mode, but after the Expressive update, the game loaded up in full screen (which of course I can't change back because the graphics options don't open)

Steps to Reproduce
Launch game from Steam, click "Options", click "Graphics", game freezes. Alternately: Launch game, start new game OR load saved game, hit ESC, click "Graphics", game freezes.

User Feedback

Loading up the graphics menu does cause the game to momentarily pause...however have you tried just waiting it out?

Maybe Alt+Tab ing to another thing to occupy your time while you wait? 


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