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Food poisoning germs in clean water multiply when doors push it

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I have a water tank at the bottom of my base that feeds my algae terrariums. Every night mechanical doors at the bottom of the tank close, pushing the water just high enough to feed the algae terrariums. Sometime in the morning the doors open again and the water falls back down. Early on a few food poisoning germs got into the tank but the polluted water from the terrariums had no germs so I sieved it back through. Even with the amount of germs in the tank the polluted water still doesn't have germs, none of the water I am feeding into the tank has germs. 


43.358 million germs


87.031 million germs

Even if I was feeding highly germy clean water I doubt it'd be enough for 43 million germs in less than half a cycle. I've included the save file, not sure if I've done that quite right. I know my base is pretty unorthodox. I've also tested this in debug mode with a 2x2 4 ton water tank with a flat mechanical door at the bottom. Germs also multiplied there.

Buggy Water Save.sav

Steps to Reproduce
1. Build a clean water tank with a mechanical door at the bottom. 2. Introduce some germs. 3. Use mechanical doors at the bottom of the tank that open and close, pushing the water up and down. 4. Compare germ count from before and after.

User Feedback

Sadly, same here. I was wondering why my water got mort germs each day, even if there no germ source in the tank, nor germs added through distillation (water getting in is disinfected by a chlorine bath). Then I saw your bug submission...


You can find my savegame attached to this comment.

Sidenote : Can anyone tell me why my steam achievements keep getting locked ? It's frustrating to start over and over, and still being prevented from getting achievements for no reason. I may create a bug report for that...

Data Tunnel.sav

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