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Food perception traits don't work

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I was testing with food and food perception and I found that Ren (he have -1 food perception trait) ignore this value. I think that the formula is :

1) food quality + food percep trait = food_quality_level

2) Get morale for (food_quality_level).

But it seems that the first formula didn't work. For Ren, who can only eat BBQ:

1) 5 + (-1) = 4

2) Get morale for food_quality 4 = 12 (Consumables panel works fine).





But you can see that Ren get +16 Superb Meal




Same for Nikola (who have trait +1), he only can eat Stuffed Berry. Formula for Nikola

1) 4 + 1 = 5

2) 2) Get morale for food_quality 5 = 16 (Consumables panel works fine again).





But you can see that Nikola get +12 Great Meal.




I share my save file test, only need to wait for leisure time.

Test EU.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load the save file and see Nikola and Ren's status after eating.

User Feedback

Catalina have simple tastes buff, cycle 4 and I only have -1 quality food (for catalina should be quality 0 giving 0 moral)


but she have grisly meal = -1 moral.


So food expectation buff and debuff don't work. It is useless to choose dupes with these characteristics until you solve it

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