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Food in storage or on the ground is unreachable to certain dupes

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Steam Known Issue

Some duplicants refuse to eat Liceloaf in my storage box; I need to actually uncheck it in the storage box and dump it on the ground in order for them to eat it. In my playthroughs I generally use a storage box for quite a while and toggle off consumption of muckroot and nutrient bars if there are perishables that need to be eaten, like Liceloaf. Sometimes out of frustration I allow them to just eat up all the muckroot and nutrient bars. After it's gone they will eat the Liceloaf normally.

In my current playthrough I have confined duplicants to rooms they cannot leave, placed storage boxes in these rooms that are stocked with food, and find that they sometimes refuse to eat out of the storage box in their room. I get the message that food is unreachable even though they are standing right next to it. Dumping it on the ground sometimes doesn't even work. 

Steps to Reproduce
Try to get duplicants to eat Liceloaf when Muckroot and/or Nutrient Bars are also in storage, but are not marked for consumption. Create food boxes in areas that are restricted to only specific duplicants.
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User Feedback

Came to report this same bug - screenshot attached.
The food box contains meal lice - dumping it out on the floor allows the Dupe to collect it and eat it fine.  I -think- it also worked fine after I reloaded the save, but only until it stopped working again for reasons.


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