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Food in reach but says duplicates can't reach it and they wont eat

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When I was playing I got to cycle 15 then it was saying that some duplicates couldn't reach the food when they were standing almost right next to the mush bars. (the mush bars also weren't being stored even when i tried to sweep them up.)

The Not-So Dorky Dump.sav

Steps to Reproduce
they started to die when they were making food then one got stuck so i got him unstuck and he walked and finished a lot of meal bars

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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I loaded your save and the eat the mush bars without problem.

Your dupes died from suffocation.

They have a lot of task and sweeping is low priority if every job gets the base priority.

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Why won't my dupe,Bubbles,eat? She is starving,and there's food in the fridge. Vitality should be the highest priority,right?

Correction,they won't make food ither. I set every priority at 1 or 5 for anything that wasn't cooking,powering,or building a wire and a liquid vent. I set the cooking machine's priority to 9,all 4 of them,but they still won't cook. I have water and dirt is everywhere. Why U no make mush bars?!

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