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Food Bug- Oxygen not included [Alpha]

  • Branch: Live Branch Pending

When you get later into the cycles, nothing crazy maybe 40-50 you start to encounter a bug if you have 6 or more dupes. If you priority goes to high for the microbe musher and the cooking station the dupes will starve themselves and die before cooking food. Also, instead of putting the fresh mush bars into the cooking station to be fried they will set them on the ground and they will rot, rather than putting them into a refrigerator or a refrigerated food box. Anyone else encountering this problem? Sadly I do not have those specific save files, but i'm more than willing to try to recreate the problem if it will help it for the future. 

Steps to Reproduce
The priority is I think what is causing the problem. If the priority is over 7 on the food or anything else they ignore starvation.

User Feedback

that's not a bug your just not setting your priorities based on your priorities. it sounds like your having too many high priority tasks so they neglect the things they need. having the musher set to 8 and the food box set to 8 with power wheels set to 7 and digging set to 6 you would never have that problem as they would be focused on the things they need not the tasks that are keeping them from doing their survival jobs

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