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Filtration buildings status sweeping

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Hi there. It's not a big bug, just some disturbing thing.
Oxygen deodorizer and Water Sieve (Maybe other buildings too) fast sweeping their status by adding and deleting status stroke while working. Not only in infoboard, but in pop-up selection window too.

Would be better if every building have the same info design like lavatory about this.
I mean.
In status what it uses now if it works, awaiting material if it's waiting material, inactivity if it's not working now but ready (for building like water Sieve and Ox Deodorizer).
In information description of building, it's effects, overheat and etc.  And would be nice if you add here the strokes from build menu about material requiriment and building effects to material.



Steps to Reproduce
Watching on working Oxygen Deodorizer, Water Sieve and etc. On 3d speed would be better.
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