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Feature Request: More options to cool in vacuum

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First, let me commend you on representing the difficulties of cooling in vacuum :)


However, right now the implementation seems a bit ... overboard.  In real life, systems in vacuum can be cooled (slowly) by radiation, or by thermally coupling them to something cold, such as a pipe (which just moves the problem elsewhere, of course!)


I think putting these two options into the game would be great, and would make space much less frustrating.  I would suggest creating a "thermal coupling" background building, which allows buildings to exchange heat with pipes on the same tile, as well as a "radiator" building which, when powered, radiates a small amount of heat to space (only if it has line-of-sight, and maybe only at night).

Steps to Reproduce
(1) Build pipes next to buildings in vacuum; note the lack of heat exchange (2) Open Utilities; note that no building there will allow heat exchange between objects in the tile (not even Tempshift Plate)

User Feedback

@proteantablet this also should've been posted to the Suggestions and Feedback subforum for ONI instead (found here). The Bug Tracker is for bugs and issues with game play and things that overall just doesn't seem to be working properly or as intended.

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