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Feature request: mark containers "auto sweeper only"

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When automating industrial processes, I've found that it's a real headache that priorities apply to both duplicants and sweepers.  In particular, setting a very low or high priority on a container in order to control what sweepers do tends to cause duplicants to empty or fill it.  The "sweep only" option doesn't help, as (1) it doesn't prevent emptying the container, and (2) it does prevent auto sweepers from filling the container.


I'd like to see an "auto only" option, which forbids duplicants from emptying or filling the container and restricts its use to sweepers.

Steps to Reproduce
(1) Create a bin with priority 2 in range of an auto sweeper (2) Watch duplicants scramble to empty it and move items to other containers

User Feedback

@proteantablet this also should've been posted to the Suggestions and Feedback subforum for ONI instead (found here). The Bug Tracker is for bugs and issues with game play and things that overall just doesn't seem to be working properly or as intended.

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