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Extreme framerate drops after new update, 1-2fps at any speed

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I am getting random extreme framerate drops.  It can happen when even nobody is in jet suits.  The game runs fine then *bam* 1-2 fps for a random amount of time, then it goes back to normal.  I am used to the game chugging with the large bases I build, but not this severely.  I will upload a save file if I can but it's 15MB even compressed.  This only started happening after the latest update.

Steps to Reproduce

Just load the game and wait for the drops to happen.  Idle or doing something it doesn't matter.

User Feedback

[18:06:54.841] [1] [WARNING] Writing large string   at RocketModule.DEBUG_OnDestroy (System.Object data) [0x00000] in <a8d8cafbcd164cda9f477d36796bfc75>:0 

i'm just throwing suggestion out there since i'm no dev but it seems it is always the same object that is getting a large string written to. i would think this might be having dramatic framerate issues. try to make a backup your save file, deconstruct all rocket modules and check for fps again.

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