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[Exploit] When powered down, fridge content is not insulated

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The current fridge implementation has a flaw that allows exploiting it for a huge amount of cooling at little space and power cost.

The best exploit method is shown here:

The reason is apparent: when the fridge is powered down, its contents are not insulated and exchange heat with the environment.

By submerging the fridge in liquid, the heat exchange happens fast enough to make it into an effective cooling device, since it removes way more heat than it creates when in operation.

This is exacerbated by having hot liquid (demo is done with 95°C and 270°C liquids) and more different items in the fridge (demo is done with 7 non-perishable items)

The demonstration setup includes an Aquatuner that heats up the liquid up to the target temperature to deduce the cooling power of the fridge :


The demo setup shows a cooling power of 93kDTU/s (16% AT uptime) at 95°C for about 60W (50% fridge uptime) and 257kDTU/s (44% AT uptime) at 270°C. While already significant, this is NOT the full extent of the exploit, which has margin for improvements.

Here is a vanilla save file containing the minimal setup necessary to reproduce the issue:

Fridge exploit.sav

Steps to Reproduce
  • Put a fridge in hot liquid (hotter than the minimal temperature a fridge cools down to)
  • Put 1kg of each non-perishable items it accept: Nutritient Bar, Muckroot, Berry Sludge, Allergy Medication, Curative Tablet, Immuno Booster, Vitamin Chews
  • Alternate between powering it on and off. Any value works, some work better than others: for demonstration purpose, it's 10s/10s to avoid any pulsing artifact (not the best values for maximum exploiting)
  • Verify that the liquid surrounding the fridge is being cooled down significantly, or counterbalance that with a heat source to calculate cooling power.
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