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Exceptions occur when some buildings are at map boundaries

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1.Suitable for building thermal conductivity range and actual occupied space is inconsistent:Tempshift Plate,Ice-E Fan;

2.Build the building at the edge of the map and make sure the thermal conductivity range coincides with the neutronium outside the map


At this point, you will find that when the game is paused, the building temperature can be displayed normally, but if the pause is canceled, the building temperature will become 0481069534_6KK6CUVC796U6RCEFN.thumb.png.2e720955a9a71844dc2a4f72020b9d40.png1387250295_MSE58CLWWPGAD9C_MDDL.thumb.png.1b1e86ff1598047e2fe0d16af39e2e91.png

3.If the building is demolished, 19.85°C of material (including ice) will be obtained


Steps to Reproduce

1. Build a Tempshift Plate or Ice-E Fan fan at the edge of the map

2. Demolition them

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