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Errands not resetting on Solid Oxidizer Tank when amount is changed

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When you have your Solid Oxidizer Tank configured to hold say 100kg of Oxylite, and you change the setting to increase the amount, dupes do not respond at all. The Errands tab just Says Available Errands with a separator line underneath it, and delivery errand ever happens.

The only thing we can do is eject the Oxylite onto the ground by deselecting Oxylite as a deliverable, then high priority have someone re-deliver it after raising the capacity for the Oxidizer Tank.

Additionally regarding Errands to Solid Oxidizer Tanks, I just noticed after I had launched my rocket, having ejected the Oxylite, high priority swept it back into the tank, and having a dupe top it off correctly, I see another dupe on an Errand to deliver Oxylite to the tank (Oxylite in hand) which is no longer there since the rocket took off, having already received all the Oxylite it requested..

*edit: OMG he just delivered the Oxylite to a non-existant Solid Oxidizer tank! I watched him to see what he'd do since there is no tank/rocket at the end of his Errand, and he just put it into thin air as if the rocket was still there! lol!

Something funky going on there! XD

Steps to Reproduce

Set an amount to deliver to a Solid Oxidizer Tank.

Once that amount is delivered, increase the amount to deliver to the Solid Oxidizer Tank. Dupes will never add that requested Oxylite. No Errand is ever raised, as the tank has apparently set a flag or something to say "i'm full thanks" that isn't reset when the requested quantity is changed.

If you eject the Oxylite then as it's falling, high priority sweep it with a dupe nearby, having increased the max requested Oxylite to deliver, there is a chance after the tank is filled and rocket launched, a dupe will come along to add Oxylite to what was already a full tank, while the rocket is already in space. This was with a priority 6 Solid Oxidizer tank btw.

Can't really take a guess at this one, no idea why.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Further oddities relating to Errands and Solid Oxidizer Tanks!

After some more tooling around, deconstructing and reconstructing the tank, filling it with Oxylite, needing more, increasing the requested amount to be stored in the tank, I had no Oxylite left and while the game is paused the Errands tab was spazzing out hard.

For one thing, it had 3 occurrences of the same task "Deliver to Solid Oxidizer Tank", without any dupes listed underneath them with their priority #s. Later one of the Errands to deliver had 2 of 3 dupes listed, and it was flitting between #1 and some kind of can't do status like every 0.1 seconds, even with the game paused it was just going nuts updating priorities.

Later still more weirdness.. Currently I'm looking at the Errands for a tank that has been filled with the requested amount of Oxylite, and it appears to have been overfilled by 5kg.. I change the requested capacity to match what's been put in it (dupes are all sleeping rn) and there is still an Errand to Deliver to the tank, and to Empty Storage active, listing all 3 dupes each..

When they woke up, the Empty Storage Errand started updating with priority #s (which it shouldn't have because the contents of the Tank match the requested quantity) and the Delivery errand became No pending deliveries as it should have. Looks like Errands are quite messed up for Solid Oxidizer Tanks somehow

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My rocket just landed, and I have a low solid oxidizer tank level (oxylite), but all the errands show as "Invalid" - never seen that one before!



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