Electrolyzer produces less oxygen and hydrogen then expected.

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Was using self-powered electrolyzer setup, with closed room. Noticed that not only it did not provided more power, it even required additional input. Ran some tests and found out that if you build electrolyzer in 2 tile gap, you loose some output (tested with various designs to make sure it was not related to gas pumps being right next to it).

P.S. Output decreased by around 40g/s for each. For oxygen this is not an issue, but extremely so for hydrogen.

Galactic Abyss.sav

Galactic Abyss After test.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Build fully enclosed room with inner dimensions 2 high 6 wide. Build electrolyzer in the middle and 2 pumps right beside it. Run this setup for 1 cycle and measure output.
P.S. In added save file is an example setup. You just have to wait a cycle. it will do everything itself. 

User Feedback

There are electrolyzer setups that are self-powered. 1 electrolyzer with 2 pumps left and right of it isn't. Wiki has some examples of how to accomplice a self-powering  setup.

Even if you have the perfect configuration to not lose any gas the electrolyzer produces (if there is too much gas the electrolyzer stops working, if gas isn't sorted fast enough before new gas is produced from the electrolyzer, there is a chance some gas gets deleted), 1 electrolyser can power 1 hydrogen generator (meaning 800w), not 2 generators.

If you constantly powering 2 pumps, the electrolyzer and 2 filters that adds up to 840w, ignoring the liquid pump that isn't constantly working but still needs some power too every now and then.

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