Easy Livin' progress is not correct

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"Auto-Sweepers outperformed dupes for cycles: {0} / {1}"
Is not filled with correct first number.

DupesVsSolidTransferArmFetch method Success() checks last 5 cycles going from oldest (-5) to latest cycle (-1), counts max. number of consecutive successful cycles but updates currentCycleCount only when it finds failed cycle.
If someone has last 4 cycles successful progress displays 0/5.

Also it should display currently active progress for that achievement, so if last cycle was not successful it should be 0/5 regardless what happened 5 cycles ago so check should go from (-1) to (-5), stop on first failed and update currentCycleCount.

Steps to Reproduce
Fulfill Easy Livin' requirements for 4 consecutive cycles and check progress. It will display: Auto-Sweepers outperformed dupes for cycles: 0 / 5 correct progress should be: 4 / 5
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User Feedback


That would explain why I'm seeing such weird values. I was on 4/5 with sweepers outnumbering dupes (like 48 - 18). Then the next cycle it went down to 3/5. That should be impossible.

Having a quick think, it should only need to keep track of 2 values: success of latest cycle and success count.

If latest cycle = success, increment success count. If latest cycle = fail, reset success count.


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