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Dups Priorities are a Mess!

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The whole systems is messed up,  You have several jobs that have the same listings in them.. Some one needs to read the defineision of priorities..  Secondly they need to understand that repair belongs in Building!  not Tidy.  or is it in supply  gah..the builders should handle all repairs they are already selected for construction of objects..  The Dups need to understand that they go to the closest Toilet to pee not clear across the base..  My picture is of a dup peeing on the floor in a restroom. I moved him up there twice and he still insisted he was going to dig.  I started moving him at 100% Bladder,  I've had repeated offenses of peeing in their rooms at night, with toilets open..  Please Fix it!  I am tired of them peeing in there drinking water because they were going to get one more item, then, and not going to use the head!~



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hnn. This is a just happens thing. it happens a lot but as to how you make them do it, I have no idea.
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