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Dups not finishing business on the toilet and running between toilets

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Since the most recent update, duplicants will enter a lavatory, and then go out again before they are done, only to run to another lavatory and repeat the cycle. At some point, no food was being produced anymore because a bunch of them were doing this. They sometimes would start moving towards either the microbe musher or the hamster wheel, but before they even made it halfway, decided they'd rather have another go at the lavatory and entered a random one again.

After a while of that it was sleepy time and in the morning they went to the bathroom and then to work. But random duplicants keep showing this behaviour from time to time, and lots of work is left undone while they run back and forth between different bathrooms for up to half a cycle or so.

Steps to Reproduce
Play the game and have more than one bathroom I guess? If I knew what caused it, I would stop doing it. (A case of "doctor it hurts when I do this" - "then stop doing that".)

User Feedback

Could you upload your savefile so somebody can look into it?

I had a similar issue like this once. I did the plumbing wrong and the pipes were "blocked". Nevertheless, it could still be an actual bug.

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