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Dups Ignoring Action

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I have not experienced this with more than one item and action. First I noticed it on the hamster wheel, I would have two, even set at priority 9 (double checked wiring loops) dups would ignore both until one was deconstructed and reconstructed. I have experienced the same thing with two bathrooms, one bathroom will say "In Use" and both become unusable until destroyed and reconstructed. (also double checked plumbing)

Steps to Reproduce
I do not know of any ways to reproduce other than on my machine, It has happened with 3 consecutive play-throughs.

User Feedback

Ive had a similar issue. Somewhere around cycle 20, the dupes seem to ignore thepriorities. Even when setting everything to a level 5 and only a couple to level 9. It would be nice if you could assign specific tasks to certain dupes. Kind of like how in the Sims you can assign tasks or have them on auto. 

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