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Dups constantly resetting their planned actions

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I dunno when it started happening but im on Cycle 55 and the game is pretty unplayable now. All Duplicants change their actions constantly. They starve even though they have food, they piss themselves even though they have toilets ect. They constanly switch between going to the shower, sleeping, going to the toilet, climbing the ladder up and down or picking up food at an interval of 1 sec. They never finish an action, they just reset it or switch it alltogether. I have all of my dupes running around starving and sleeping and pissing themselves not doing anything productive. Just wasting their whole day


Youtube Video about the bug: 



Steps to Reproduce
Sadly I have to clue how it happened. It just got worse over time. Didnt pay attention how or when exactly.

User Feedback

5 minutes ago, Brook said:

Hi @Zambo,

Please upload your save file so we can take a look at your specific situation.

Just uploaded the save file. Also gave you a video showing the bug

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Hi @Zambo,

We'll be looking into ways to improve this situation from our side, but in the meantime you should be able to resolve your issue by adjusting how your toilets are connected to their pipes:


In your current setup, the pipe carrying water out of your toilet crosses directly over the output ports. The problem is that as water already in the pipe passes the output port blocking it, the toilet thinks its pipe is blocked, and becomes disabled. Then re-enables once the water passes. This is causing your dupes to constantly switch between trying to go to the toilet and then going back to whatever they were going before.

If you rework your pipes slightly, this problem should go away:


Make sure to connect each output port to the main output pipe through a T junction, instead of directly. This way the output port remains clear and the toilet should operate more consistently.

We realize this behavior isn't at all intuitive and will be looking at ways of improving it.


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