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Duplicants stop acquiring/fulfilling errands randomly

  • Version: Windows Pending

In picture and save file, no duplicants try to fulfill build errands that are high priority and have both resources and duplicants available.

Doesn't matter if you set yellow emergency mode, they'll still not try to fulfill it ever.

Prior to the situation pictured and saved, they had the same issue with supplying a nearby generator with coal, despite having tons of coal in stock and regardless of how high priority was. It was only resolved somehow when I told them to mine more coal (there was already lots of coal stored and on the ground before mining more). They even idled without fulfilling it.

I don't know why the list in the screenshot shows only 1 duplicant, but regardless, they'll not do it.

Playing via Steam, build AP-399948


not fulfilling errands.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Load save.

Change or don't change anything about the task priority.

Observe that there are duplicants available and resources available.

Optionally cancel other errands.

The high-priority errand is still not being fulfilled, even after 5 minutes of waiting.

User Feedback

your duplicantes do not fulfill the build errand, because they cannot deliver copper ore.
all your copper ore is in the region on the top left.
two duplicantes stuck in this region and the rest duplicantes can not get there - there is no way.



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