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Duplicants pathing through door w/o access

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It took me a while to pin this one down, but I've been experiencing a bug with Duplicant pathing through Mechanized Airlocks without valid permissions.  I did find this old issue, but in my case the access is clearly left-to-right only, with no top-to-bottom access available.

The setup pictured here is designed to permit door access for only a single designated astronaut, for when it is time to board a rocket.  Other duplicants can access either side of the door; the left side should have Atmo Suit access only, with the right side only having Jet Suit access.  No astronauts are allowed access to Jet Suits - I don't want my dupes absconding with them on long rocket trips.

Key aspects:

  • The Mechanized Airlock prohibits all access for all dupes but one - the designated astronaut.
  • Despite this, I've seen dupes cross the door in both directions.

Check out Nikola below - his access permissions for the airlock are disabled.


Despite that, he's got a planned pathway to an errand on the other side, violating those permissions.


The attached game-save was made at this exact frame, still paused.  I've only caught Dupes in the act two or three times.

That said, I've had it occur many more times without me witnessing it; I know when it happens when Jet Suits start showing up in nonsensical locations within my base.  The base's setup is such that Jet Suits should only ever show up in the Space biome.  (Note that this doesn't currently hold true within the save, as I still have to hunt down one more stray suit-wearing Dupe from a previous breach, not including Nikola here.)

Arborean Annex.sav

Steps to Reproduce

If you'd like to repro this, I don't have a perfect setup, but the attached game save tends to see this happen from time to time whenever Dupes have activity in the area of that dual rocket silo.

I'd advise making a few dig errands on the left-hand side (Jet Suit accessible only) and watching how Dupes path their return from those dig commands.  Either the regolith pile-up against the left-hand wall/Neutronium or any regolith buildup above Bunker Tiles in the area should suffice.

Minor notes:

Here are a few details that probably aren't important... but I know from experience (as a software developer) that there's a chance these details are.  Please note that I have not thoroughly tested (as if I were "on the clock" at a job) to determine relevance.

  • I've only ever seen them do it whenever the Gantry's extended.
  • Because of that previous point, I've only seen it occur for the airlock on the right-hand side.  (The rocket to the left only recently returned, and I generally keep gantries retracted while the rocket's away.  I have no way to know which airlock of the pair is used if I don't directly witness it.)
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User Feedback

Played a little bit more - from that save point, without any additional direction (aside from having Nikola abandon his suit instantly) I saw the issue happen at least two more times within a cycle in the same screen.  (It's at the very top-left of the base.)  So... to reproduce it, just go to that area and watch any Dupe with a Jet Suit.

I have a hotkey established that may help - SHIFT-9 jumps to a spot one screen to the right at the same height.  Should make the area very easy to find; SHIFT-9, then hold left.

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I too have seen this:

It appears that the default permissions are not followed upon reload or printing of a new duplicant AND any duplicant has special permissions on the door.

For example, restrict all access to area via door permissions but allow one duplicant access, upon reload, all duplicants can pass the door.

I have not done more testing on this issue because I’ve lost faith that Klei will resolve the issue. Maybe since you care @JahwsUF , I’ll do more testing :)

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8 hours ago, yoakenashi said:

I’ll do more testing

Set up my test on a new world with 4 duplicants and 3 doors over 4 scenarios (for each scenario the door default permissions were changed). Duplicant 1 had custom permissions to the left on door 1, Duplicant 2 had custom permissions to the right on door 2, Duplicant 3 had custom permissions both directions on door 3, Duplicant 4 had no special custom permissions.

In all scenarios the duplicants followed the set permissions even following a reload.

In an additional scenario, I created a second door 3 and destroyed the first door 3. All duplicants behaved properly, even after reload.

More testing is required.

What I recall from when this first happened to me, I had destroyed a door and printed a new duplicant. I then realized that when I reloaded that same door was broken for all duplicants. I do not know if this has to do with destroying doors in a certain way or with certain permissions, or if it is duplicant count specific. I will load my "broken" late game save and do testing on that world. Perhaps it will provide more insight ...

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On 11/22/2020 at 9:46 PM, yoakenashi said:

I will load my "broken" late game save and do testing on that world. Perhaps it will provide more insight ...

Apparently not. I set up new doors and modified existing doors to the several configurations using different sets of duplicants and all the doors behaved properly after a reload. I even killed one of my dupes and the door permissions were unaffected. Unfortunately I’m out of leads as to what caused this in the first place.

After the USA holiday break when I return home, I am going to reload my old save that I uploaded to the forum and see if it still broken do some more testing.

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It happened again in my base. This time with a door that has no special permissions set. This door has default access <- -> so everyone should be able to get through here, but:


If I set special permissions for a duplicant (Hassan) to have special <- -> access, they can path through the door (note, I do not need to un-pause the game):


When I return Hassan to default door access of <- ->, he cannot pass the door (see screenshot 1).

I do not know why this happens - I could really use Klei's help in looking at the backend of code to see why pathing is restricted while the door is showing permission. This issue persists through a save, so the save file should provide some insight.

Log files:


Save file:



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