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Duplicants "overload" production buildings with resources

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When we ask for a set amount of material/edible to make in a building, the duplicants tend to deliver more material than necessary. :-/

In the refinery, for example, if you ask for 300 kg of tungsten, if you have more wolframite than necessary in your storage, once the 300 kg of tungsten are done, you're quite sure to find 100 kg of wolframite in the refinery that you can't get out of it without also emptying the coolant ... :-/


For example in this refinery, I have iron, lime and refined carbon from an old request of steel, and also cooper



Same for the molecular forge in the example below :


There's only 1 super coolant request, but the duplicants have load the remaining 625g of fullerene from the storage, because they try to load amount for 1 more recipe. :-/


Steps to Reproduce
Build a refinery, molecular forge or cooking building. Then ask for a set amount of any recipe. Look the duplicants load more material than necessary.

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