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Duplicants only using Material Study Terminal once

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Whenever a research that requires the terminal, it works, but when there is another research, the duplicants don't work on it.

Steps to Reproduce

Get a Material Study Terminal, select a research, complete that, then choose another.

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User Feedback

Do you recall which techs you were researching? Here's what I tried:

  1. Complete Novice and Advanced research for Valve Miniaturization
  2. Complete Applied Science research at Material Study Terminal
  3. Scenario 1: Select Employment tech -> Duplicant goes to Research Station
  4. Scenario 2: Select Hydrocarbon Propulsion -> Duplicant starts using Material Study Terminal 
  5. Scenario 3: Have Hydrocarbon Propulsion already queued up -> Duplicant continues using Material Study Terminal

Could you attach your save file? There might be something else I'm missing such as your research station setup, duplicant priorities etc.


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