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Duplicants do not rest while sleeping

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Known Issue

Sometimes duplicant keep losing stamina at -70%/cycle instead of regaining it even while lying on the bed. This behaviour seems to continue indefenetly long until he manually ordered to move which of course leads to falling in exhastion (because he still have stamina at zero)


Steps to Reproduce
I wasn't able to find out when exactly it happens In a game of 60 cycles lenght I had to manually wake them up like this about 10 times

User Feedback

Hi, thanks for reporting this. I've tried to reproduce this but haven't had any luck so far.

Does this happen just to some duplicants, while others successfully sleep on the same night? Does the affected duplicant usually successfully sleep on the following night? Does it seem to happen to the same duplicants in the same beds, or does it feel random?

Next time it happens, could you upload the autosave file from the start of that cycle? It may contain a clue.

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