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Duplicants continuously put on exosuit then take it off, and sometimes escape without wearing one

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For some reason duplicants sometimes stand at the exosuit checkpoint and continuously put on a suit, then take it off, then on, then off...  Sometimes, they finally leave wearing a suit, and sometimes they leave without a suit - soon to get scalded in the magma or space biome.  As you can see in the attached screenshot, Nisbet left with a suit, Harold left without a suit, and Devon and his friend are repeatedly putting on and taking off their suit.


PS: Don't make fun of the filter network, it's genius!

Harold escapes without exosuit.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
Happens all by itself.
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User Feedback

Just noticed that come duplicants who escape have a status that says "Moving to safety."  As if 500 degree oil is safer!  Perhaps because the exosuit dock is currently engulfed in CO2...?  I'm piping O2 to this area to see if that helps.  Still very peculiar behavior, though.

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