"Duplicant reach/space scanner" world loop bug

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Oxygen not included world loop bug.mp4

This has been a bug for at least 2 months as it also was bug at Quality of life mk2 (maybe even earlier), i just didn't get to report it back then when i first discovered it.

Seems like the duplicants can build/destroy and deliver materials to the other side of the map, just by standing at the edge.

The space scanner is also blocked by blocks/doors on the other side of the map meaning that regolith build up on one side of the map can reduce scan quality of a space scanner in the other end of the map.

The video should be pretty self explanatory :)

Steps to Reproduce
simply go to the edge of the map, and set your duplicants to build something on the other edge of the map. For the space scanner simply build a working space scanner on one side of the map (close to the edge), then block the space scanners view on the other side. You should be able to see the scan quality decrease.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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just wanted to say that i only used a video as i couldn't upload a gif :/  and thought that this was the best way to describe/show the bug.
It's around 1:20 long (no sound) and just showcases the whole issue

i'm sorry for not reporting earlier, but i had some exams and personal stuff, which prevented me from reporting this bug earlier.


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