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  1. wireless power transfer (Smart battery)

    I sadly don't have a save file with the bug ingame as i forgot to save a separate file after i reported the bug (i tried to recover an older autosave but haven't been able to, if you know any method that may be able to do so i'm willing to try again) when i noticed the bug, i were building a self powered oxygen generation module running on it's own wire network. so i had just finished building the buildings and were now connecting the wires, looking away doing other stuff and when i looked back i just noticed the battery gaining/loosing power fast. Destroying one of the ordinary wires from "the natgas gen network" (if i remember correctly it was the wires 2 tiles under the battery), solved the problem and when i build the wire again it didn't happen anymore. i had told my dupes to build a conductive wire connecting the battery to the "oxygen network" but they hadn't build said wire yet. not sure if it in any way can be helpful, but if you somehow can i use it, i have attached my current save file (after i fixed the problem inside my save) and the oldest autosave i could find (also after fixing the problem in game) Temple of the forgotten gods.sav Temple of the forgotten gods Cycle 207.sav
  2. 2019-07-22 19-32-42.mp4 One of my smart batteries somehow connects to another power grid, without being connected in any way. as seen on the film, the battery gains power when the natural gas generator is turned on, and loses power when it's turned off. - There is no wires connecting these two. - the battery isn't connected to anything as i haven't build the wire connecting the battery to anything else.
  3. well that explains the debug thing but isn't it still producing 20kDTU too much heat? or am i off? And on another note - if this seems to just be a missunderstanding of mine, can i delete my own bug report? xD
  4. the problem wasn't the overheating part the problem was the heat generating kept on increasing more and more the steam had the same temperature, but the steam engine began generating more and more DTU/S (it were at over 130 KDTU/sec when i stopped testing, that's enough to fuel another steam engine with 5 ports open) if you watch the video attached, you can see how the heat production keeps on increasing for no apparent reason wait just checked something and it do seem like the steam turbine is supposed to run this hot... according to the oxygen not included wiki The heat production is defined as water: mass * (temperature - 95) * 4179 DTU Self heating heat_removed / 10 DTU and with 2 kg/s of 231,1 C steam this only adds up to 2*136,1*4179/10 = 113752.38 Dtu = 113 kDTU Which is way lower than the 130 kDTU i got and that still won't explain why the heat production went down everytime i activated the "debug super speed"
  5. for some reason, my steam turbine just started producing more and more heat and not stopping. I then tried turning on the "debug super speed" and the heat production quickly fell back down to around 20 KDtu, but as soon as i turned the "debug super speed" off, the steam turbine heat production went crazy again. I were using ~~231 C Steam, in a 100% isolated box (isolated tiles build with isolation) The super coolant were placed there to prevent the steam engine from getting too hot. Infinite Heat Steam turbine bug.mp4
  6. Seems like the stress change from allergy is displayed as "The spores"
  7. just wanted to say that i only used a video as i couldn't upload a gif :/ and thought that this was the best way to describe/show the bug. It's around 1:20 long (no sound) and just showcases the whole issue i'm sorry for not reporting earlier, but i had some exams and personal stuff, which prevented me from reporting this bug earlier.
  8. Oxygen not included world loop bug.mp4 This has been a bug for at least 2 months as it also was bug at Quality of life mk2 (maybe even earlier), i just didn't get to report it back then when i first discovered it. Seems like the duplicants can build/destroy and deliver materials to the other side of the map, just by standing at the edge. The space scanner is also blocked by blocks/doors on the other side of the map meaning that regolith build up on one side of the map can reduce scan quality of a space scanner in the other end of the map. The video should be pretty self explanatory