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Duplicant prefers eating worse food from a toxic biome a kilometer away instead of eating from the walk in fridge

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In all seriousness, I believe the issue has to do with the cold climate of the freezer, with it being below 0 degrees Fahrenheit and them seeing that as more dangerous than the alternative ways.


Scrumtious Chlorinated Meat.sav Here's a save of them hauling the meat

Steps to Reproduce
I'm not sure how this happened. Hopefully, my save file helps. I'm sorry that I can't share more.
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Unless the save doesn't transfer everything (on load there are 0 skills applied), you simply need to go to consumables at the top and uncheck the unprepared food. As long as you store you prepared food in the fridge, they only have the option to get it from there.


As for "why" (other than having raw food as edible in your settings), I believe they grab what is nearest, or as you said, safest, from their current position. I don't think they check what is closest to their assign mess table, but I could be wrong.

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