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Duplicant incorrect animation - looks like they are stuck in the medical cot

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I'm not sure how this happened, I was looking around then spotted this (image) on the medical cot.

Medical cot glitch.png

Steps to Reproduce
I was trying to sort out the oxygen issue and food issue I had so I kept on switching round the duplicants on the medical cot, it got to a point I didn't need to do it as often as I was then spotted the duplicant I had assigned to the medical cot in this position

User Feedback

Hi, sorry by advance for my bad english.

I think i have same issues. One of my duplicant is alltime seek for no reason and his informations windows don't said nothing about this. Can i edit the save file for change this ?

It's very problematic because this dupe stop all works for few time, 10 or more times per cycle, he releases the transported objects during his "emote". I can't atribute him a medical cot because he stay on for infinite time whitout cure.



Seek Duplicant.jpg

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