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dupes refuse to harvest/other tasks issues

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so this has been happening to me for the past 2 patches. somewhere about cycle 40ish it wont matter what order i put build orders in, the dupes just decide on their own what they are going to build, EVEN IF I PRIORITISE certain builds over others. i'm on day 63 now and i still have sandstone ladders from day 34ish that have not been built. about day 55 ish dupes other than farmers and chefs stopped harvesting. they all run around and do their daily thing and MIGHT build something or dig around but if meal is harvestable they ignored it, even when starving. at day 63 my chef refused to harvest anything, my farmer was stressed out because of starvation and refused to harvest. 

this has been happening over and over again in my games. at this point for me this game is not playable. there's no point if i cant get past day 63-64. i've tried changing their jobs, resetting priorities before..changing speed, restarting the game. nothing has fixed the issue. i would like some feedback on this, i know its been reported in other posts here but it seems like its not being worked on????


note: i also do not have an output_log.txt file in the folder you point to

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just play the game

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Hi @jgoff1976,

There are lots of potential reasons dupes might not perform a given task. If you upload an affected save game, we can take a look at your specific situation.

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