Dupes perform sweep job when marked to not do so

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If I have, say, dirt marked for sweeping, and one of my duplicants is set to not sweep in the jobs tab? They still sweep anyway. It's really annoying because I should, theoretically, be ab le to only have my athletic/strength dupes be janitors and yet this currently isn't possible. 

Screenshots below show Catalina delivering materials that she just swept to the storage container, despite having sweep unticked in her job bar.

Update: If you set your dupe to not "deliver", they won't sweep. This is a good temp fix, but really if I untick the sweep job they should be ignoring those too.



Steps to Reproduce
Untick "sweep" job, mark materials for sweeping, then watch your dupes do it anyway.

User Feedback


I think you are confusing what jobs does what, the sweep job means jobs that are created by the sweep command. Delivery jobs are jobs that mean take this resource to this building, if you have storage compactors that are not marked sweep only and have resources not marked as sweep or have buildings that need resources not in storage then they will do that under delivery.

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