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Dupes lose skills after being accepted for education

Master Miner
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Marie has just finished her education and training as "General Engineer"

Her digging skill is 10


The next education she shall get is Miner.
She is suggested in the list because of her high digging skills.


But after she is accepted as "Apprentice Miner", she has immediately lost her digging skills - they are now 0 (zero)!


After taking the hat and a brief happy dance, she shows a sad face.
Perhaps she has realized that all of her skills are not worth a pence now.
Now the stats show "Marie's Digging skills: 2"


That's just too sad. :(


Steps to Reproduce
Give a good digger a chance to learn to become apprentice miner. Try with other professions and skills as well.

User Feedback

PS: After finishing the "Apprentice Digger" training, Marie can dig again


Then she was sent to Gofer training to gain some strength.

Oh, no! Her digging skill is greatly underappreciated again - only 3 points!

Look how she frowned after taking the cap :(


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After a while, Marie has completed the "Gofer" training.

Unfortunately, her strength is still 2 and her digging 3. :(

At least her fitness did improve to 5.


Let's see what Courier training can do for her.

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Few cycles later, Abe has finished Gofer training and was about to start Courier training.
Interesting, at that point Marie's digging skill was again 13!

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