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Dupes ignore broken pipes

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I had pipes with LOX in space break left and right. Inevitable, there comes a point where a pipe segment stop generating repair errands -- permanently. Reloading the game (and wasting a few minutes of my time) works, as does deconstructing the broken segment and rebuilding it, but it's super annoying.

Steps to Reproduce
Build a long (non-insulated) pipe in space. Pump LOX through it. Have dupes repair damaged segments repeatedly. Wait until a broken segment stops generating repair errands. If it doesn't happen, wait a bit longer: it will happen eventually.

User Feedback

This doesn't seem to be exclusive to pipes. A gantry was destroyed by a returning rocket because my circuits failed (again!) and my dupes kept ignoring it. Reloading the game did not help, but deconstructing the broken gantry did.

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