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Dupes hovering

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ONI build EX1 56-448886 Beta Spaced out.  When dupes are digging out tiles they will climb onto a tile that is being dug by another dupe or climb up and then dig out the tile themselves.  The are then suspended in mid air with nothing below them.  Previously they would fall onto the next solid tile below them and not hover.  If a ladder is built to their level they can then climb down. This has cause dupes to be stuck in areas with little oxygen and then they die.  Dupes cannot dig unattended.  Similarly, when the roof collapses (say from sand above the dug tile) the dupe is buried in the sand that falls.  Previously they would not be entombed but rise above into the block above the material.

No output log file in in the directory.


Steps to Reproduce

Dig in any area, place a dupe on a block at level 2 and remove the supporting material under the dupe, the level 2 block.  The dupe will hover in air and not fall to level 1.  Build a ladder to dupe and it will climb down and continue regular actions per its schedule.  Have a dupe stand under a block of stone with sand above the stone block.  Remove the stone and let the sand f all on the dupe.  The dupe will be buried under the sand. 

Space Dimension.json

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