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  1. Started when a telescope was built on Growani and Frankie would have research telescope as first task. He would just climb to the rocket module and stand there all day. He has a path to the telescope and when I moved him there manually he would do research. When research was complete he would bathroom cycle and then go back to standing on the rocket. I went to send him home and he will not enter the rocket and just stand there on the entry way.
  2. Same here EX1 56-448916 build. The hatches will either be burrowed in the air or be cycling between burry and wrangled on the ground or in the air. For me it only reproduces when the hatch is wrangled. Hatches walking around normally seem to be fine and do not behave erratically. Also dupes have wrangled hatches in solid stone, usually one tile deep and the hatch does not "pop out" of the stone. I have not dug these up yet to determine if the wrangled hatch is there still.
  3. ONI build EX1 56-448886 Beta Spaced out. When dupes are digging out tiles they will climb onto a tile that is being dug by another dupe or climb up and then dig out the tile themselves. The are then suspended in mid air with nothing below them. Previously they would fall onto the next solid tile below them and not hover. If a ladder is built to their level they can then climb down. This has cause dupes to be stuck in areas with little oxygen and then they die. Dupes cannot dig unattended. Similarly, when the roof collapses (say from sand above the dug tile) the dupe is buried in the sand that falls. Previously they would not be entombed but rise above into the block above the material. No output log file in in the directory.