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Dupes get stuck

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So I am a new player to this game and I encountered a major problem. In my 2nd colony i built a water reservoir from tiles. I built a ladder and a pump inside the basin and put everything on priority 9 to get it done asap. My Dupes went there and built everything but after that they were all stuck on top of the ladder and couldnt get anywhere. There were basically stuck ontop of eachother. Since there was no fixing it (I tried to dismantle the top part of the ladder so they might get unstuck) I decided to start a new run since they all starved. 


Great game, looking forward to new patches! Keep it up!

Steps to Reproduce
Build ladder on priority 9 with all your dupes, since they work all from the same place they got stuck

User Feedback

You should join the save of this game, so that devs could investigate. ;)


Maybe dupes simply don't having any path to get out of the water tank, and so goes up the ladder because the oxygen was there.

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