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Dupes don't use medical bed and armored doors

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I tried to open door using bioscaner and nobody goes to do it. the bug issued with different colonies, created with last version. 

also in previous releases dupes used to use medical bed if they needed. now i must find dupe with injuries manually and put him\her on bed manually. does it works wright or this is another bug?

Steps to Reproduce
just try to find and open armored door. and hit a dupe with high temp.

User Feedback

Dupes never used med beds with injuries. Only with deseases. And in the current build, hypothermia and such lower deseases are no longer trreated, but cause a debuff only.

Its your responsebility to keep them alive...

And yes, the bioscanner-problem is know. Sometimes they just ignore them, sometimes they spawn with the opposite direction. They are only usable from one side. If they spawn wrong... 

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