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Dupes do not dig to construct something if digging requires skill

Space Monk
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Hello , I started a new game after Solar Swamped update, all was good, but after Rocket Renovation core digging functionality got broken.
I tried to search for this bug but could not find one, sorry if it was mentioned before.

Bug itself: 

When you place objects for dupes to build (anything) , they will dig all the simple blocks that requires no skill for that but would completely ignore every block on the map that requires skill for digging, even if you have a number of skilled diggers of different skill.
Workaround is to cancel the buildings, set digging plan, wait for dupes to dig all the granite etc and then place the buildings , but that's rather annoying to do.


Steps to Reproduce

Place building work on map, anywhere, any building but place it on top of blocks that requires skill (Granite tile, Sedimentary Rock etc)

Look how dupes do nothing, no errands set, no nothing

Works on every tile/block and everywhere on the map, 100% of the time, with any building errand, as long as skill-required-tile is behind it

User Feedback

ok I figured that the main digger I have cannot perform building so ignores digging as well
And the other digger that came out of printing gate with lvl 3 digging cannot dig lvl 1 material, I always thought if dupe has lvl 3 digging but not lvl 1-2 , he can dig those anyway because he is overskilled for that at birth. Than may or may not be a bug, but ignoring digging because you cannot build feels like a bug for sure

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There is 2 separate commands but in this case they are controlled by 1 priority, since you have a issue with the errand tab to resolve your issue, click the tile once or a few more times until you get to the tiles actual dig command and click its errand tab.

The build "errands" will remain empty until the dig command is cleared (You can even see the dig command on your screenshot)digging.thumb.png.b2f7ec29f789211cf33bbe3f8bf2940e.png.

The issue here isn't the dig command but the build command, when you set a building instead of a direct dig command the game sets the building as a "Build" priority for duplicants instead of a "dig" priority.

One suggestion would be to set equally your priority (in the duplicants personal priorities) to have a even dig/build priority instead of a higher dig priority to your build priority or simply red alert the build.

Edit: Noticed your comment below your post, indeed a lack of a building ability can mess with the games function, I prefer never to have a digger who can't build or a builder who can't dig for this exact reason as the lack of a building priority stops the build entirely.

I believe the reasoning behind this design of a building priority over a digging priority is to prevent (reduce?) the chances of duplicants btrapping themselves in the unknown without a way out by clearing the dig behind the tile but then not having a means of walking back since there is no tile built at the location and they have dug themselves into a hole.


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Heh , thanks for your explanation, that makes sense, then I guess I have to start a new map. 
Maybe if there is such game design, it should be impossible for dupe to have dig interest without build ability and visa versa , just so this dupe won't render himself useless as nothing gets digged or build because of him, even if there are builders around ready to take the job.

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22 hours ago, Space Monk said:

then I guess I have to start a new map

Gossman already has digging, so get always have her level further in digging/building.

While it is preferable to have a interest in a job for the sake of morale, you can let Leira reassigned to do another cheap task such as

*Operate (change places with Gossman)

* Cook

* Decorate (which they seem to have a minor skill in)

* Farming

* Supply/storage (basic filling/cleaning)

or major supply via:

* Life support priority (filling algae defuser, deoderisers, etc)

* Critter feeder (via high ranching priority but not leveling the ranching skill to avoid grooming)

(Probably best to avoid them being a pilot as they wouldn't beable to build anything on new planetoids unless they are there for space research)

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