Dupes display eating animation when operating machinery

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Dev Branch of DLC - Dupes display eating animation when operating any machine



Steps to Reproduce

- just noticed dupes displaying eating animation after I built conductive wire made of cobalt for the wheels

User Feedback


This also happens when using toilets and when operating the manual ore-crusher. (However, I am playing on an older version. Apparently, the issue still exists. Wrong animation ID sequence loading. I thought it may have been a mod issue, but this happens without mods too.)

The issue, for me, corrected itself with a full game reload. I have only seen this after hours of playing. So, if I had to guess, it could be related to some "clean-up event", which should be freeing-up memory. Perhaps hitting the wrong cell of data, resulting in a default "0" animation being played, as opposed to the actual event ID animation for the item.

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