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Dupe won't make genius level ice sculpture

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I have a dupe who's a master artist with level 12 creativity. I just had him carve several dozen ice scupltures and he never gets past the mediocre/quaint level. Do I just need to level him up a bit more? Or is there a missing tier? He's carving everything else at genius/masterpiece level.

The mediocre tier is showing as a hatch.

If there's no genius tier, may be nice to know so we don't waste time training dupes who are already as good as they're gonna get!



Steps to Reproduce
Get a master artist dupe, train them to level 12, have them carve an ice block.

User Feedback

If it's a Hatch, then yeah that's as high a tier that you're going to get.

There are only two variants with the ice sculpture:


Although it is weird that they're both labeled as "sculpt_temp". :wilson_curious:

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