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Dupe was stuck at the door in a launched rocket

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I have launched two dupes into the space (They are exactly the crew list)

One of them behaves normally, the other one gets stuck on the entrance door.

Show navigation reveals it is not able to move anywhere. Manually assigning a "move to" order shows it's unreachable to any tiles in the rocket other than the tile it is already standing on.

There are no any checkpoints/doors giving restrictions in the rocket.

The dupe just idle there and cannot do anything. Reloading the save does not solve the issue either.

I had to re-land the rocket and only then it can leave the rocket normally. Next launch of rocket is perfectly normal with the same crew and settings.

Steps to Reproduce

Not sure. First time I have ever run into this.

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The dupe just idle there and cannot do anything. Reloading the save does not solve the issue either.

Could you attach your save file so we can take a look? Thanks!

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