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dupe stuck in mid-air after deconstructing farm tile

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Abe deconstructed the platform he was standing on. He now can't move anywhere or do anything, he is stuck in midair.


I created a savefile at this moment. Reloading it caused Abe to teleport onto that ladder to his right.

The Prosperous Burrow.sav


Steps to Reproduce
Hm, not entirely sure. Other dupes fell to the next level down, so I'm not sure what's special about Abe. Might take a look at the save.

User Feedback

I can confirm this is still an issue, and that it's an issue with particular colonists.

For me, it's a Max. Seems to love getting stuck in mid air and on the middle of ladders. Attached is a save of him stuck, though reloading it causes him to leap to the block next to him.


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