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Dupe keeps working after death

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4 dupes were digging a sump, and all suffocated. One of them kept working and dug out the entire sump (5x4) including tiles. She's still "alive" as I write this. She has 0% health, 0% stamina. I got a death message for her as well.

All 4 of them had a clear path back to good air, but kept working anyway. Red Alert was not in effect.


Steps to Reproduce
I was setting specific small areas to priority 7. In this case the ladder and the sump area where they all are now. There was some water in the reservoir, but no steps larger than 2 blocks and they would always have been able to get their heads above the water and the CO2.

User Feedback

It looks like there is some point at the bottom of the reservoir where items become "Unreachable". There is a tile floor and the water is 2 squares deep.

The zombie is now repeatedly climbing up and sliding back down the ladder in the sump. I'm making another path so these dupes can be buried.

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