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Dupe has permanent "Eating" status

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A dupe can get into a state where the "Eating" status (+30,000 kcal/cycle) is stuck on all the time. This pegs their Fullness to max so they don't need to eat.

I noticed that one of my dupes had lower than normal morale, so I was looking for the cause. It turns out he didn't go to the nice Great Hall and eat the nice food I made for him because he is perma-full. In the screenshot, you can see that he actually has Eating twice, despite currently doing another task.

Save/reload removes the erroneous Eating status, so the dupe seems to be back to normal after that.

By coincidence, I'm pretty sure I saw this happen to a streamer on Twitch once. That was during the Expressive Update, so this may not be a new bug with the Rocketry Update.


Steps to Reproduce
I only noticed after the fact, so I don't know how to reproduce this bug.

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