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Dupe Death Bottom of Ladder Pathing

  • Branch: Preview Branch Version: Windows Pending

Had a dupe going past a steam geyser on a vertical ladder that started above it, and went below it. Part of this is related to pathing for oxygen and response to scalding. Mi-Ma scalded at the part of the ladder near the vent with a pitcher pump in a nook, and then fell to the bottom. There it was not scalding. She did not recover and path up, nor did she remain scaled. She went into a very fast error animation instead and would not respond to manual move commands. System was also not giving scalding message, so no dupe would rescue her either. After some time in the fast animation, she eventually dies of suffocation. There was a bottle of water, and some rock items also at the bottom of the ladder. Did not recur after a reload, so no save to recreate.

That is my best description. Aridia w/extra geysers ...

Aridia Seed: 30163752 Coor:HTFST-A-30163752-0
Metal Poor, Mixed Boulders, Geoactive

If you want to recreate, happens in very early cycles. Steam vent directly to left just outside starting biome.

Steps to Reproduce
Have vertical ladder close enough to steam geyser to induce scalding when using a pitcher pump next to it. Have the ladder continue down past pump, and it not be scalding below, but also not have oxygen. Scalded dupe falls down, un-scalds, can't get up. Ladder should go all the way down to last tile, and no open tiles at bottom other than one with ladder. Error animation, won't respond to manual "move" but won't send rescue signal as not scalding, so suffocated in error animation eventually. May also need: Dupe injured from prior scalds. Water at bottom of ladder. On water fetch errand.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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This same bug have happened to me 5+ times. Only after release though, so I wonder if it was something fixed that came back.

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