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DLC crash the game

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First, I already played with the game and the dlc so i have some saves with and without the dlc. I have deleted the game and re-installed it too. If i deactivate the dlc, the game work, if not, i can't use "resume game", "new game" and "load game" without crashing. Look the screen attached. Thanks for a solution

Screen Shot 12-19-21 at 09.15 AM.JPG

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Do you play using any mods that tweak the world generation or did you modify world generation files? Because I don't see any "LargeChasmStart" or "Forest/Chasm" in my game files. If you had any mods that modified worldgen, you need to have them active when opening the worlds they generated.

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When i removed the game, i saw some folder stay, it was hard to have admin control because i couldn't delete files but now it's ok. So i reboot my computer, reinstall the game and now it's working good. I didn't play since a long time, may be a persistent folder stayed here.

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