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Display freezes, cause unknown

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Shortly after loading (seems random but usually within a few minutes), the screen freezes.  The game continues to make UI noises as the mouse is moved around.  If alt-tab is used to switch focus, the game reduces down to just a part of the title bar with no window.

Not sure what causes the issue.

It stops rendering shortly after cycle 397 consistently in both saves.

Could not locate log files in the ONI data folder.

DSF Heavy Industries.sav

DSF Heavy Industries Cycle 397.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load game, wait.
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User Feedback

I have this issue sometimes if I leave ONI running while my Windows laptop sleeps. When I open the lid again, ONI is a tiny title bar. I tried to learn to save the game based entirely on the UI sounds, but it didn't work well.

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