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Display confusion about "next order" in metal refinery

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I don't have enough iron to make steel, so I queued up an iron order, followed by a steel order.

As you can see, the current order is the iron order, but when I queue up the steel order the next order is another iron order.

I let the game run, in order to see if it was somehow being smart in an obscure way and when I went back to check on this a few seconds later (no long enough for a dupe to come to do anything -- the errand isn't assigned -- the refinery shows the "next order" as "iron to steel", which is to my way of thinking correct.


next order before.png

next order after.png

Steps to Reproduce
See description.

User Feedback

This is not repro on another refinery a few moments later. It is possible that this is related to it happening soon after load.

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